Overseeding (2 lbs/1000 sq ft)  and Liquid Aeration -  NEW !

Overseeding (2 lbs/1000 sq ft) and Liquid Aeration - NEW !

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Overseeding offers 2 lbs of seed / 1000 sq ft.

Overseeding with liquid aeration is the practice of adding new grass seed into a lawn, to introduce new endophyte-enhanced grass species that require less water, less fertilizer, resist insects, disease pressures, and discourage weed infestations.

Liquid aeration features a unique combination of ingredients that include fulvic, humic, and salicylic acids, sea kelp, activated carbon, plant essential nutrients, and bio-stimulants all aimed at improving poor soil structure and its physical properties.  Our formulation:

  • Enhances seed germination
  • encourages strong deep roots,
  • enhances nutrient uptake,
  • improves water infiltration,
  • increases water holding capacity,
  • accelerates undesirable thatch breakdown,
  • promotes rootzone oxygen exchange, and  
  • reduces insect and disease stress.